Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fishing Tackle Review: The Abu Garcia 706 Closed-Face Reel

By James Gill

I'll be the first to admit it: I love fishing. If I'm not out with a line in the water, I'm either planning my next excursion, or shopping for fishing tackle to round out my already-large collection. I've discovered that many of the best bargains in tackle can be found on the Internet. The competition between electronic stores is quite fierce, which keeps the prices low and the choice large. In the off-season, you'll often find me with my computer, scouring the web for rods, reels and other gear. I've also learned that reading reviews that other anglers post helps me make informed purchasing decisions. In that spirit, I'd like to offer my own brief review of a reel I'm quite partial to: the Abu Garcia 706 closed-face model.

Fishing Tackle: Chief Aspects of the Abu Garcia 706 Closed-Face Reel

The regular selling price is approximately £86, but you can likely find the 706 at a discount for approximately £60. I favour closed-faced type reels for the reason that they are normally fairly priced and have simple, well-deliberated designs Closed-faced reels, by the by, are equipped with an opportune push button release as you cast your line, plus an opening at the top end of the reel, that the line will pass through when casting.

While they can prove more testy to incorporate, these closed-faced reels can be purchased in a huge number of sizes and versions, and are just right if you are pursuing trout or salmon.

This Abu 706 boasts a totally reconstructed body style which will not sell you short on quality. It is among the top-sellers in reels in its category in the UK, and has amenities such as 3 extra shallow spools, 1 extra deep spool, as well as an exclusive case.

Fishing Tackle: More Information on the Abu 706 Reel

This reel is just loaded with desirable features, including a high-tech, highly advanced polymeric body and aluminium cone for exceptional durability.

The long cast spool features oscillation, which means improved accuracy in the cast. Another feature of this excellent piece of fishing tackle is its on/off instant anti-reverse switch. I also find the synchro drag to be ultra smooth, a feature that's important to me when I have a feisty fish on the line. A synchro, by the way, is a mechanism that ensures the gears mesh smoothly. This reel is also designed to resist corrosion caused by saltwater. It has a gear ratio of 3.9:1, and weighs 288g. The 706 has a line capacity of 200m on the deep spool, and 100m on the shallow spool.

Fishing Tackle: In Reference to Abu Garcia

I have found out that Abu Garcia is a business renowned for its non-negotiable devotion to pioneering designs and premium constructing quality. Abu's fishing reels are perfectly deliberated instruments that mirror the tens of years of skill, and care taken with even the slightest of details. Abu Garcia is a company from Sweden that has many years of top-notch experience, and a powerful devotion to supplying the most current in pioneering fishing tackle to fishers all over the globe. I am contented to advocate the Abu 706 fishing reel with no regrets.

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